monday morning :: indestructible

ashleyjewelry - pebble rings

i am indestructible.

friends, lovers, even family will join our lives & then depart. ideas may come & go. my business will grow. my business may shrink. one day you’ll think i’m brilliant – the next, a fraud. when all that seems is consistent is change, that will change too.

i can’t control the outside. but i can control the inside. i am indestructible.

for as long as i’m on this earth – my will, my creativity, and my thought is indestructible.

and so are you.

ashley jewelry - pebble ring

welcome back to scoutie girl on this fine monday morning! it’s march 1 – and that means three things to me:

  • my husband got a year older yesterday!
  • spring is right around the corner.
  • and i have a bunch of new sponsors to welcome & thank!

there’s a real fresh crop of shops on the right side. so please click through and welcome them with a bit of monday morning shopping!

the rings above are by ashley akers jewelry. each is constructed from a sterling silver band and a real pebble. no two are a like! why’d they catch my eye? i figure they’re indestructible. just like me.

19 thoughts on “monday morning :: indestructible

  1. Hi Tara, I totally love those rings by ashley akers!!! Great new sponsors…of to do some Monday morning shopping! Happy, almost spring! Beth

    1. hi beth! i need one of those rings because i’m so good at breaking things. so 1.) i couldn’t break the ring and 2.) i could break more things wearing it!
      thanks for checking out the sponsors! have a great week!

    1. i can never keep track of these things! thanks, lisa! that is going to deserve at least a few posts… of course, i suppose it’s always women’s history month at scoutie girl 😉

  2. yay to march!
    and happy indestructionableness to you, sweetie!
    happy happy bday to mr. scoutie, too!

    love those rings, by the way!

    here’s to great new things, nicey!

  3. This post really resonated with me, it seems that lately I’ve been very busy and when I feel a little overwhelmed or doubtful of myself and my abilities I need to remember that I am indestructible too! That latest deadline won’t break me, and the bills that keep coming can’t bring me down. I am the only one who can destroy me, and why would I do that? Therefore, I am indestructible!

    Thanks Tara for reminding me 😉

  4. I’m new to your blog – I follow Fabric Shopper – but I clicked on the Scoutie Girl link today. I am so glad I did! I appreciated your thoughts. I love to see how women support each other through blogs. We can get a great boost, even from someone we don’t know. I am heading back to my work with a lighter heart. Thanks!

    1. hi jenn! welcome to sg. my mom is the fabric shopper 😉

      i, too, love the support i get from the blogosphere. i can’t really say where else i’ve felt surrounded by more kindred spirits. thanks for stopping by today!

  5. I love how you started this post. A little seriousness once in awhile is a lovely thing.
    And meanwhile, here’s to MARCH and spring … maybe.
    Love the rings.

  6. I’m singing the phrase ‘i am indestrucible’ in place of ‘i am woman’ … hear me roar! wonderful words – i needed that on a monday morning!!

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