self-care, mindfulness, & social media – a virtual panel discussion

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Do you love the idea of being connected to the whole wide wonderful world?
Do you wonder how that connection affects your ability to process information, learn new skills, and form lasting relationships?

Do you get excited about sharing the ins & outs of your day on social media?
Do you worry that sharing leaves you less in tune with your own environment?

Do you work hard to be a social media “cool kid?”
Do you wonder if the cool kids really have it together any more than you do?

Social media can coexist with self-care and mindfulness.

I have the distinct opportunity to facilitate a virtual panel discussion with 4 amazing women on the subject of self-care, mindfulness, and social media.

  • best-selling author and champion of soulful service Jennifer Louden
  • coach and Huffington Post columnist Tara Sophia Mohr
  • human rights advocate, yogini and writer Marianne Elliott
  • intuitive, writer and life-shifter, Bridget Pilloud

And guess what? It’s totally and completely free. Zero. Zilch.

Join us on March 7th at 3pm EST for insight, gentleness, and solid information.

Call in or listen on the web. Submit your questions as we talk.
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Click here to register.
(Remember?! It’s free!)

Can’t attend? Register to be a sent a link of the recording when it’s ready!

8 thoughts on “self-care, mindfulness, & social media – a virtual panel discussion

  1. Oh, it would be so great if you could podcast this. I have no idea how complicated that would be, but for those of us who can’t be listen during the day, it would be nice to listen later!

  2. Hi All.

    Many thanks for initiating the conversation on this. I’m unable to make the live call, but looking forward to listen via the link of the recording. Many thanks in advance…

  3. I can’t commit to this time of day which will see me in the middle of picking my daughter up from preschool, but I definitely love the topic and fully agree.
    I’ve built most of my online platform by being nice and authentic. People dig good attitudes.
    You don’t have to be a shark to be a success.

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