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smersh cork necklaces

smersh - cork earrings

another find from the buyer’s market (oh yes… i’ve got plenty more!). this cork jewelry from smersh is probably the most innovative i’ve seen a quite a while. combining fine metals with this organic material creates such a striking contrast!

some of the cork is left natural, other pieces are dyed to create interesting colors in a familiar texture. from a distance, the cork appeared to be a sliver of stone but i can tell you it is cork, glorious cork! most of the pendants are also reversible!

the designers behind smersh, frances and john smersh, also own a fabulous little boutique – click! design that fits – in seattle, washington.

12 thoughts on “metal & cork :: jewelry from smersh

    1. hi kristen! i agree – very versatile. and any piece you can wear for day or evening is a good investment in my book!

      thanks for stopping by!

  1. At first I thought these were medical pictures. Perhaps a swatch of insides or a sample of a lung. I know that’s probably a little gross but they make you stop and look and that’s their true beauty. I had no idea you could dye cork. Thank you for sharing these! Your website is an inspirational place to visit!

    1. i had a similar reaction to the pieces when i saw them at the show (although not medical-related!). they really throw your eyes for loop. which is always a good thing, i think, in design!


    1. yes! there is a bit of retro. the shapes too – maybe not in the pieces i showed here… but others had that kind of “kidney” bean retro shape.

      thanks for stopping by, olive!

  2. These pieces are lovely. I like the cuff links – what a great gift they would make. Looks like smersh will do well, between their new blog and nice stores – online and brick & mortar.

  3. The cork texture is cool and I’m a necklace girl anyway, so I was naturally drawn to these recent posts. What I like about softer materials is the endless possibilities for dyeing, carving, drawing. The material itself makes a nice ground!

    1. hi jen! i agree – incorporating a natural material like cork can give any piece a whole array of unusual possibilities!

      thanks for stopping by!

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