Meet My Personal Champion

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Let me introduce you to my personal champion: Myrna.

Myrna has a gruff, strong voice with that special singsongy Irish lilt. She is calm like level, rolling seaside waves. She has a fuzzy mustache which she doesn’t pluck or wax, nor is she even concerned. She doesn’t have the time to, as she is always about the business of encouraging me. She sits on the back patio and reads Faulkner and listens to Loreena McKinnett or hums old hymns. But when I start my doubting and push away from my project and shake my head out of frustration, she comes in and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“There, there, my pet,” she says to me. “Just keep going now. No need in quitting. You’ve got a good start, luv.”

She then stays in the room and moves over beside my desk. Her stalky legs take their time getting over to the chair in the corner. Her hair is gray and fluffy. She hasn’t cut it in months.  She sits with specs on the end of her nose looking up every so often as I continue my work.

In her Irish accent she says, “There’s a’ girl. A wee bit of lovely is still needed in the world. Keep it up.”

Can you picture her?

Myrna, of course, is not a “real” person. I’ve imagined her — someone who is with me in my work and whose sole purpose is to encourage me, to be my personal champion.

What would your personal champion look like?

Who would she or he be? When you get stuck or frustrated or need a good talking to, what might that person say to you?

Imagine who she is. Let us know about her.

5 thoughts on “Meet My Personal Champion

  1. Hmm. When I started to wonder about my own “Myrna”, I realized I’d known her for years…she looks and sounds exactly like Glinda the Good Witch and when she waves that glittery little wand, she reminds me that I make and share magic every day. Visual magic that shines. She’s a good hugger too — hugs are so important. Thanks for inspiring my imagination today!

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