meet matt on heart handmade


who the heck is matt? well, he's the man of my dreams of course (and a silent partner in Scoutie Girl and Daisy Janie)! although it wasn't in our vows 15 years ago, he fulfilled more than his fair share of marital duties & earned himself some serious bonus points by eagerly answering Marichelle's interview questions for this feature! gotta love a man who's not afraid to bare his soul to the entire blogging community on his wife's behalf. you go, boy!

thank you, Worthie! thank you, Marichelle, for the opportunity!!

Read Matt's "The Other Half" interview on heart handmade.

5 thoughts on “meet matt on heart handmade

  1. greetings from virginville!

    what a great interview, your guy sounds like a blast! I loved reading back to your photo texture posts!

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