may day, may day!

felt brooch by murdock design
felt flower pin by murdock design

no, emergency here! just wanted to let you know that there’s a whole slew of new sponsors on the right. since they help to bring you scoutie girl each and every day, won’t you please give them a little click love?

thanks! later today, i’ll be back with a video featuring michelle from mkc photography. i shot it – and a few others! – at one of the craft markets i attended this weekend. i’m super duper looking forward to art star craft bazaar in two weeks. are you vending? want to get in on the awesome iphone video action? leave me a note in the comments so i can be sure to schedule time to visit your booth!

also – if you’re running an indie craft market this summer, i’d love to feature it! just email me (scout at scoutie girl dot com) about 200 words on the whos, whats, wheres, and especially the whys of what makes your event unique.

One thought on “may day, may day!

  1. how cute brooch!

    Tara, I will be there on Art Star Craft Bazaar – unfortunately not in person, but Alex from hellobluebird will take my stuff there. I made a whole new series for this occasion :-)

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