Makers are messengers, too.

Oh, that's just me making a statement with Megan Auman jewelry.

Makers are messengers, too, ya know.

Your job isn’t to write the next killer blog post, craft the next hard-hitting piece of journalism, or take the mic & rock the stage, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from having a message.

Makers are messengers, too.

What you create with paper, pixel, wood, or metal is a manifestation of what you believe. What is birthed from your imagination & your own two hands isn’t just a “thing” but an idea bigger & more vibrant than the sum of its materials.

Yes, makers are messengers, too.

When Megan Auman designs a necklace, she’s really saying, “Be beautiful, be bold. Make a statement today & everyday with what you wear.”

When Sara Selepouchin sketches a new diagram, she’s really saying, “Fun and function can — and should — go hand-in-hand.”

When Janice Bear stitches a garter, she’s really saying, “You are not the uniform you have to wear. Keep your own unique spark alive.”

The message is in the act of making. It’s in the product that is made. And it’s certainly manifest in the use of the object.

So it’s good to know that the message you are speaking through what you create is exactly the message someone is waiting to hear. Your message is the point of connection.

In the book, Design-Driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti suggests that understanding the greater message & meaning of what you create allows for an entirely new form of innovation: the innovation of meaning.

An ordinary object – a necklace, for instance – can have many meanings. Most simply, it is a means to decorate your body. Other meanings are also quite common: signifying friendship or love and representing a personal interest. But can you take a necklace and make it mean something new? Deliver a new message?

That’s exactly what Megan is trying to do when she creates a necklace. Beyond body decoration, beyond symbols of relationship or interest, Megan is saying: wear this necklace and make a statement of your truth.

This meaning is unexpected. And sure, for some undesired. But for a select few – Megan’s very best customers – it is exactly the message they’ve been waiting to hear.

Megan is the messenger.

Yes, makers are messengers, too.

Instead trying to tell the story of your work on its physical features, the length of time it took to get the finish just right, the esoteric technique you used on the underside, tell me your message. Shout it out. Say it soft. Just say it.

We’re waiting.

Maker, what’s your message?

I – along with my Reclaiming Wealth co-conspirator, Adam King – are coaching a cadre of messengers through creating a premium offer of their product or service. We want to help unleash a group of message-centered, value-driven products into the market later this year. You in?

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{ photo by Regina Miller of Origin Photo, Philadelphia }

4 thoughts on “Makers are messengers, too.

  1. YES! Thanks for writing this – and teaching this. I believe it to be true to be deepest core. I don’t always accomplish it but every day i work towards making work that within it carries a deep message. Everything that we wear and use in our lives can have meaning, in fact it does! So lets make that meaning be what we want to say to ourselves and others. To create balance for ourselves and others.

  2. Thank you for this post. Recently I found myself struggling with why I continue to create leather bowls. In my quiet time I realized it was to share the message I include with each bowl. I call them blessing bowls and encourage people to use them as a reminder to look for the good in their life and that all of life is good no matter how we judge it personally. That’s my message and I am sticking with it.

  3. Tara,

    This has so been running through my head for the past 2 years. Yes, I’m young. 20. Yes, I’m a college student. Sophomore. Yes, I’m poor as heck (a frugal too). Won’t mention my bank account. Yes, I am an artist. I have a website. Yes, I’m a musician. I own a uke among other things. Yes, I’m an environmentalist and foodie. I watch TED talks. Yes, I’m spiritual. I live my religion every day. Yes, I’m happy. Truly, I am.

    But what else? I know there is more happiness to be had! I don’t feel like I’ve found my message – and how I am to create it. I know I have value and substance to bring to this world – I can feel it stirring in me – yet I just can’t find the keys to the ignition! I am an art major studying fine art, and have had dreams of being a painter, yet when I pick up that brush it almost feels like a chore! Maybe I just merely need to explore (and write less!), but your writing has really touched my heart and soul and the question of my life – at an opportune and very critical time in my life. I just need to find the answer to your question…

    “Maker, what’s your message?”

    …that is sure going to be resounding in my skull for a long time.

    Thanks for the stimulating write. It’s getting me on the path to find those keys. :)

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