Make Monday Your Favorite

Make Monday Your Favorite

This past Monday was probably one of the worst Mondays I’ve had in a very, very long time. Everything that could possibly toy with my sanity…did.

I skipped my beloved workout that normally gets me energized and motivated for the day – for absolutely no reason.
I forgot to complete one of Friday’s “to do” items, making more work for me…on a Monday nonetheless.
I stepped in dog..(ahem, you get the point.)
And the worst of all of them. The very last thing any small business owner wants to deal with….
I spilled water all over my laptop.

I quickly dried it up and I had hope that all would work out just fine and my laptop would kindly forgive me for drenching it in cold water (with a bit of lemon for good measure).

That simply was not the case. At all. My laptop was fried. The keyboard was out of whack, the fan refused to turn off and if I hadn’t shut down completely as soon as I did, I probably would have scalded myself from the heat coming off of it.

My precious laptop, the one inanimate object that is with me day and day out, had failed me. And it was only noon!

I broke down completely. Everything that could possibly run through my head did. I would have to spend hard-earned money to replace my laptop…immediately. That led to thoughts of going broke. Which led to thoughts of having to start working another job. Which led to me feeling completely unhappy in my head – for no reason at all except that my mind had gone there.

I wanted to blame Monday for this. It’s all Monday’s fault! If it were Tuesday, this never would have happened! Because that’s logical, right?

When I snapped out of it and came back to reality, I realized this certainly was not the worst it could be. Not by a long shot. And if this was the biggest, most disastrous scenario I had to deal with as a small business owner, I could (and would) certainly get a grip and handle it. Because I love what I do so much that once I settled down, this seemed like just a small blip in time and in a week (okay…maybe 6 months) I’d be laughing about it.

So I got a grip (with the help of my dear husband who ran all over the city for me that day), purchased a new laptop, picked it up, and that evening was back up and running. And you know what? I was as happy as could be with an empty, fresh, new laptop full of possibilities. And I was excited to continue my week doing what I do best.

The point of all this is that when you love what you do, it’s really hard to blame these disasters on Monday. It’s hard to hate Monday when you are doing something you love. My disastrous day turned out to be quite good, and possibly one of the best Mondays in a while.

I’m not saying to go out and quit your job or spend Mondays at the beach. Even if you aren’t 100% happy with where you are at this moment in time, make Monday something to look forward to. Start a Monday ritual that you’ll gladly participate in each week – a lunch date with a friend, an evening to yourself to write or paint, a yoga class.

Make time for the things you love to do.

Even on Mondays.

2 thoughts on “Make Monday Your Favorite

  1. Amanda – Nice article! One of my favorite things about writing is documenting experiences that start out in a negative way, but then can be turned into something positive. Well done! (And yes, I do a more recent “back-up” of my computer after reading your article!)

  2. Thanks, Fiona! It’s funny how we think things are such a disaster and we’ll never recover from them when, in actuality, it will become a positive (or at least “fixed”) experience within a matter of a short time!

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