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I’ve been painting the walls in my house. And not just the walls — also the trim, and the shelves, and the doors, and the baseboards. My new house needed a full painting makeover, and it is taking all my “free” time. One of the few things that is keeping me sane through the process is being able to listen to podcasts while I work.

We exist in an amazing time of content and inspiration at our fingertips. Podcasts are one of those phenomena. They seem to transport my mind and heart to other places and expand my understanding, all while I’m methodically cutting in the corners of my closet with paint.

Below are some current podcasts I’ve been listening to. They inspire me and are creative and well made.

For Exploring and Learning Amazing Ideas and Stories

Radiolab — I wait on pins and needles for this podcast to download onto my phone. Enlightening and expertly made. It’s about the merging of science, psychology, and humanity. A true gem and a podcast that keeps me thinking for weeks after I’ve listened to it.

The Moth Podcasts — People telling their stories. Funny, enlightening, always unique, and inspirational.

99% Invisible — Story-telling loveliness about the little things in design, art, and architecture and how these are the things that make such a big impact in our lives.

For the Writers Out There

The Narrative Breakdown — I’ve just recently been listening to this one, but it is my current favorite. Cheryl and James, the hosts, are great at covering various writing topics and keep me thinking about my own writing and process.

For the Creative Process

This Creative Life with Sara Zarr — Sara is a writer of YA fiction, but her guests are authors, screen writers, actors, and other creative types. I find this podcast helpful for realizing other creative people’s processes and how other creative minds tick.

For Spiritual Direction

Pray As You Go — This is a Jesuit daily reading and a guided prayer meditation. It includes Biblical readings and reflective questions. I think it’s worth a listen for its format: Calming music followed by a repetition of a passage to think on (read twice which is significant for the meditation) followed by encouragement for personal prayer. Meditative and centering.

For Inspiration

TED Talks Audio — If you can’t attend a TED Talk, watch it on video. If you can’t watch a TED Talk video, then listen to it. Although some of the talks encourage you to watch the videos for their powerful visuals, many of the TED Talks work well in audio format as well. Learn about architecture, African leaders, or fostering a more intimate sex life. Anything and everything from experts, right in your little mp3 player or computer.

One thing I’m missing is comedy podcasts. I’ve been craving some laughter from my earphones lately, but haven’t found a podcast that works for me. Do you have any funny podcasts you listen to?

What other podcasts would you recommend and why? I’d love to hear what you’re listening to.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Podcasts

  1. I’m always looking for new podcasts, thanks so much for this list! I’m especially looking forward to checking out The Creative Life with Sara Zarr.

    I mostly listen to motivational and business podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and The Kickass Life so I could definitely use some comedy in my life, too.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Megan! I’m going to check them all out. I’m a Podcast addict. I listen to business podcasts on the commute to my part-time day job to motivate me to move forward in my creative business. My favorites are Amy Porterfield’s and Social Media Examiner.

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