Lost in a Moment

Lost in a Moment

My husband and I just spent three weeks in Europe celebrating our wedding anniversary. It was the longest trip we’d ever taken, and we visited cities neither of us had ever been to before.

Several times throughout our trip we would ask each other, “How do you explain this to people? This moment in time?” Both of us had high hopes for documenting our trip through writing.

And we did, at first.

But we soon realized many of our experiences – even just a small moment in time – couldn’t be explained in words. It needed to be experienced wholly, and that’s not something that can ever be rightfully documented.

As I began thinking about these amazing, breathtaking, carefree moments, I realized I have them in my everyday life, too. They may not come to me every single day – let’s face it, some days are more mundane than others. But they do happen when you least expect them. A glimpse of beauty in an unexpected moment. A fleeting, carefree straight-from-the-belly laughter that can only happen right here, right now.

As much as I try to document those little moments we get lost in time, I know I’ll never be able to give the feeling I have…in that moment…to a reader or viewer. An essay full of descriptors, a snapshot, or a painting will never do it justice.

But I’ll continue to try. Because those are the moments that make us who we are. The moments that fill every pore of our creative being.

And as long as we, as creatives, are trying to explore those moments in time, we’re doing exactly what we’re meant to do.

3 thoughts on “Lost in a Moment

  1. So well said. As someone who loves travel, it’s nice to have the reminder to also notice those moments of wonder in everyday life.

    1. Exactly, Susan! It’s so easy to notice those moments when we’re in a place we’ve never been before, but it’s a lot more difficult to notice them in everyday activities. So worth it to see through those eyes everyday though! Thanks for reading!

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