Goodbye to You

goodbye to you. goodbye to everything i thought i knew. you were the one i loved. the one thing that i tried to hold on to.

cosmic firefly case

tara’s been talking about music this week so it’s only fitting i mention a sappy song i love. incidentally enough, michelle branch’s “goodbye to you” pretty much sums up my feelings on Lost exactly (just minus the lover and insert the show).

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the day has come and gone as my beloved lost ended it’s series this past sunday. it was touching, beautiful, frustrating, surprising, lovely and sad. i spent somewhere around 6 hours parked in front of my tv to watch the pre-show, finale and jimmy kimmel special.

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the camps are divided on the ending and although i’m still annoyed with a few loose ends, the finale (watched a 3rd time since already) was exactly what fans wanted and needed.

lost sign

what did you think of the finale?

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7 thoughts on “Goodbye to You

  1. Honestly, I was disappointed. It was emotional and touching…blah blah. But felt like a 6 year relationship that just went kaput without proper explanation or closure…

  2. I cried my heart out and loved the ending…for me, it made sense…and thought it was the best written show and will really miss it. I felt like the puzzle was pretty much explained in the episodes leading up to the finale; I was just waiting to find out what the sideways story was (that was the only confusing part for me)…and that was explained by Jack’s father at the end. I lost my mother this past year and the whole “let go” theme of the show hit hard for me personally.

  3. Haha! Typically “Lost”, right? Beautiful/frustrating as the finale was, we fans are still theorizing about it :)
    I saw this video the other day that made me laugh:
    I had forgotten a lot of these little unanswered questions…

  4. I thought that it was kinda cheesy that they …went into the light at the end… but I guess how else to they film it… I don’t know.

    I also had the question of when did they all die?

    Did they all die when the plain crashed in the first place and the island was a purgatory of some sort.

    Or did they die as we saw on the episodes and the last part was a whole lot of years after when every one else eventually died too. Like the dad said this place was created by all of you to come to blah blah and the time you spent with these people was the most important time of your life.

    any ways I could go on but I wont lol!

  5. Hey Zoe

    They lived on the island, they were only dead after they lived out their natural lives. So Jack, Charlie, Shannon, Sayid, Juliet, Sun & Jin, etc died on the island and Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, Locke died off the island.

    They met up in the afterlife once they woke up from their purgatory (flash sideways). Desmond helped them do that because he was the ‘constant’.

    Off to check out the videos, thanks guys!

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