locke IS the new black

Lost Locke T-shirtnot sure how i missed this. perhaps i’ve been spending too much time living in fear and not enough time browsing etsy and blog hopping.

happened to catch this item featured on a handmade spark post about lost and had to share. because locke IS the new black. and i like it.

check out allan’s shop slothart for this shirt and other great finds like vintage cameras, photographs and more.

4 thoughts on “locke IS the new black

  1. Ah! I’m leaving for L.A. tomorrow for my total geek out LOST party weekend and wish I was taking this shirt with me! Sunday also just so happens to be my birthday so it’s pretty much going to be the most epic weekend ever.

  2. I was just obsessing about our DVR possibly being too full to record all the LOST stuff (10 hours worth a friend mentioned?) Sunday. and this shirt? AWESOME!

  3. I just found this post online. Thanks so much for blogging about my shirt! It’s wonderful when you make something and people actually like it. I appreciate it very much.

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