Living Creative Lives Together

Friendship by Cristiano Betta
Friendship by Cristiano Betta on Flickr

Would you, please, cry just a little bit harder, a bit deeper, with more sobs and tears that puff up your face? Because I cry too, and seeing you cry makes me feel human. And normal.

Would you hold my hand for a few more moments? Hold it tighter and don’t say anything for a longer lapse of time. I’ll remember. I’ll remember you.

Maybe you could sit here for ten more minutes and continue talking and asking me questions about my joys and about my hopes. We are all lonely sometimes.

Would you, please, say that beautiful, meaningful thank you. Write it out with a small, special, hand-made card. I’ll keep that card in my desk drawer for eternity.

Would you, please, laugh a bit louder, maybe a nose snort, maybe a guffaw, and widen your smile and look directly into my eyes? Because I want to laugh with you.

Would you? I need you to do this. We need you to do this.

We need you to do this because living creative lives means living lives together.

6 thoughts on “Living Creative Lives Together

  1. This made me cry big fat tears that rolled down my cheeks and onto my sandwich. I loved it so much that I copied and pasted it onto Facebook, I hope you don’t mind.
    Beautiful words x x x

  2. Oh my gosh, I needed this so badly. I want my peers to be vulnerable with me because I need to feel OK with being raw and vulnerable too. I need more hugs, more tears, and more love! Thank you for writing this.

  3. I so appreciate everyone’s comments on here. I have been needing vulnerability lately and to be vulnerable, we need people to be vulnerable with us. I hope each of you have had a chance to do this with someone else. We need eachother.

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