living a creative life: a brief manifesto

This week we’re taking time out to share some classic Scoutie Girl posts. Today’s post originally appeared on May 24, 2010.

Wrapped Up

Living a creative life is taking joy in thinking outside the box. It’s finding abundance in the most simple things: basic ingredients for a healthy supper, uncut fabric, dirt, a camera, a crayon, a thought. A feeling. It’s the happy medium between haves & have-nots, finding joy in both. It’s taking a little and making something that’s more.

Creative living is not being satisfied with boredom. It’s seeking stimulation and not escape – well, seeking stimulation to escape from the banal. Even finding the wonderment in the mundane. It’s about being spontaneous and having a passion for life, the process of living. It’s the struggles – writer’s block, tech failures, blank slates, depression, misunderstanding, being outside the norm – and it’s the moment of clarity when passion overrides pain.

It’s a mess on the kitchen table, supplies strewn around the floor, an open door to studio that’s a little less than neat.

Living a creative life is being satisfied while always crave more. It’s the independence of knowing you’re not reliant on the status quo.

It’s about finding joy in the similarities of friends and finding excitement in the differences.

It’s savoring each moment, making it precious – but still always wanting more.

A creative life is one to call your own.

A creative life is one lived in conversation with yourself, your surroundings, your community, and your raw materials – whatever they may be. Living a creative life is a philosophy, a way of thinking, not a label, an education, or a profession. Living creatively is knowing the rules and occasionally – or more often – ignoring them. It’s coloring outside the lines and sometimes on walls. It’s daring to be different when everyone tells you to be the same.

It’s a good reason to wake up on Monday mornings. And a great reason to celebrate the weekend.

Living creatively is not separate from the everyday – it happens in between the couldas, wouldas, and shouldas.

It’s not dependent on being an artist, a designer, or a maker – although I know that you are all of those things.

{image credit: photorealist acrylic on canvas painting by leah giberson}

5 thoughts on “living a creative life: a brief manifesto

  1. I loved this blog entry, every artist should have a statement
    like this on their website with a “snip it” on hangtags and brochures.

    While customers fall in love with your work, they also fall in love
    with the “romantic idea” of the independence and flexibility you
    have in a creative life. No time clock, no dry cleaning bills, no big
    childcare bills… the list is long and depressing.

    Customers envy your lifestyle …even when it’s only a myth!

    Wendy Rosen

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that the secret to ‘creative’ problem solving is thinking ‘inside’ the box – too many people abuse the cliche about thinking ‘outside’ the box, when all that gets you is a solution that’s nowhere near on strategy.

    But I sincerely believe we all abuse the idea of ‘creativity’ as something we can harness or even wield. We can’t. We’re just people. The best we can do is be innovators. And that’s good enough. Here, I wrote a post about it:

  3. I like to say “I am my art.” It does not necessarily have anything to do with painting or the making of actual art. Only that I am a work in progress and am constantly creating, re-creating and crafting myself and my life. The joy in discovery is just that. A joy! And I am so happy and grateful for the chance every day to create, yes art, but even more, to make the life I wish for! yay! *And, it does usually involve a messy table!

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