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Now that I live in California, I’m addicted to cycling. My bicycle, which my boyfriend and I built ourselves, is now my car and my means of adventure. It took me a few months to learn how to signal effectively, how not to scream when someone does try to pick me off, and how to learn basic repair and ‘bike culture.’ I’ve gained so much confidence thanks to my two wheels. (Especially confidence when it comes to accidents like your handlebars coming off thanks to your boyfriend not securing them properly the first time.)

With summer officially here, it’s bicycle season everywhere! Are you ready for your tune-up and first ride?

Here are some links for all you bicycle fans:

  • Bike Hacks – If you’re into DIY, you’ll love this site. It has everything from making your own chain cleaner to how to build your own truing stand. There are projects enough to keep you busy all summer!
  • Bamboo Bike Studio – Did you know you can create a bike frame out of bamboo? This San Francisco studio offers mail-order kits so you can construct your own frame. If you want more, they also offer classes so you can get all the help, tools, and inspiration you need to create the bike of your dreams.
  • Bike Planter from Wearable Planter – Want to bring a little friend with you on your errands? Wearable Planter, a maker on Etsy, sells absolutely adorable planters that attach to your bike frame so you can take a teeny tiny plant on your ride.
  • Bike Museum of America – If you’re ever in Ohio, you’ll want to check out this unusual museum. They have hundreds of models for you to drool over and you’ll leave a bicycle history buff.
  • Rails to Trails US – There are countless abandoned railroad tracks that have been turned into amazing biking trails and this website shows you where they are! You can’t help but feel like an adventurer when you’re out on these routes.

Where does your bicycle take you?

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