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Getting to Know You is your introduction to our new Scoutie Girl contributors. We’ll be running these over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy getting to know more about Lia Fagan!

Lia Fagan Modnest

Why do you DIY?
I started DIY-ing physical objects, like furniture and accessories, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in malls and chain stores. Why? Because it didn’t exist. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and, as it turns out, that’s all you really need. Rescuing a vintage piece and reviving it to match that vision is incredibly empowering, not to mention, fun. This concept has now crept into all areas of my life, and man, am I glad. Instead of looking around and thinking “is this it?”, I see that opportunity and possibility is everywhere.

What are you MOST passionate about right now?
Lamps! I’m a thriftaholic and I can see promise in even the ugliest of specimens. I come up with so many design concepts that I couldn’t possibly implement them all in my lifetime. I invent concepts for lamps I haven’t even discovered yet. I must say that it is completely exhilarating when you finally find that perfect pair you’ve been searching for! I’ve had people say things like, “I never would have picked up THAT and thought it could become THIS!” Statements like that delight me and fire me up to push myself even further next time around.

What do you have in common with SG readers?
I too, feel the unrelenting need to create the life I want (be it, unconventional) for myself, my work & my family of two (me + my guy) rather than settling for the one I was headed for. Easier said than done, right? Like you, I sometimes need a kick in the pants to take action on the small steps that will make the lifestyle I strive for a reality, sooner, rather than later.

What would SG readers be surprised to know about you?
I didn’t ever, in my whole life, own a glue gun until this past Christmas! Crazy, right? I can honestly say that I’ve gotten creative with fabric glue, spray adhesive or super glue in all of my crafty endeavors and a glue gun just wasn’t necessary. But now, I finally understand the appeal. I’ll never be without one again!

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