Let’s Go Camping with Rachel Austin

When I was twelve years old, my best friend went to a summer camp in Virginia, for the entire summer.

And I was unbelievably jealous (not my best moment – but hey, I was twelve). I mean she got to do all this amazing “outdoorsy” stuff while I sat at home in front of the television and watched my hair grow. How could I not want that? Smores by the campfire, canoeing in the lake, hiking through the woods…

It all sounded so great. And honestly, it still does. But, I am afraid I am a wee too old to go off to summer camp now. So I guess I’ll just have to create my own camping excursion.

But I won’t be breaking out the tent and my hiking boots. No, that’d be a far too expected solution. Plus I live in Florida, which, while beautiful, is not exactly the most rustic/ camp-vibe scenery.¬†Instead, I am just going to curl up and stare at these paintings from¬†Rachel Austin and dream about roasting marshmallows by a fire with some type of flannel on.

Will you daydream with me?

Visit Rachel Austin’s Etsy shop and portfolio site for more paintings and prints.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Camping with Rachel Austin

  1. I do like these images but who’s too old to go to camp? Maybe not for the whole summer but I went to a mountain camp for one week every summer for 2O years as an adult. I may go again.

  2. Brittni, there’s wonderful camping here in Florida! Sure, we don’t have impressive mountains, but that won’t affect your ability to have fun and even roast marshmellows. :-)

    In fact, you’re lucky to have Hanna Park in your backyard. The campsites there are great if you’re into car camping, and it’s a fun place because you can head to the beach or go riding/walking on the trails around the park.

    Or if you want something a little more rugged, head up the road to St. Mary’s, GA and catch the ferry to Cumberland Island National Seashore. It has picturesque campsites, wild horses, and great beaches. Plus it’s fun to wander the ruins of the Carnegie Mansion and imagine what it would’ve been like to live there back in the day. Seriously. Can you imagine having your family own the whole island? Wow.

    P.S. I LOVE Rachel Austin’s work! It’s lovely that you featured her today in this post.

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