let me introduce myself

stephanie corfee - leggy watercolor

leggy watercolor by stephanie corfee

let me introduce myself.

i’m a mommy to a beautiful little girl named lola rose. we’ll be celebrating her very first birthday in just a few days.

i’m also the mommy of Handmade in PA – a site dedicated to promoting arts & crafts in Pennsylvania.

i am now proud to be the adopted mommy of scoutie girl!

i love scoutie girl as much as you do and plan to continue the natural development of this site. my goal for scoutie girl is to continue it on the same path that it has
been on – with a keen eye for growing it into the place to find
fabulous design with a fresh, modern aesthetic while maintaining a
friendly, accessible tone. i’m looking forward to venturing into new
territory with readership, exposure, and promotion. and i’m also
looking forward to being a part of the evolution of this site – and i
do mean evolution – change that is deliberate, slow, and with a purpose.

in that spirit – there are now two new places you can find scoutie girl!

check out our flickr pool where you can share your images with the scoutie girl world.

and become our fan on facebook.

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