Lessons from My Dogs

Lessons from My Dog

I’ve learned a lot from my years as a dog-mom. Here are some of the best lessons I’ve learned from my furry children.

  1. Greet each day with a smile. Every single morning, without fail, around 6am our dogs begin pacing around the bedroom, staring at us (believe me, you can feel it burn through your eyelids), and huffing loudly in an I’m-doing-this-on-purpose-but-don’t-want-you-to-know-it’s-on-purpose sort of way. When I finally give in and open my eyes, they are all staring at me with these huge grins on their face, so excited to take on the day and new experiences. It’s contagious, really, and hard not to get excited about what’s in store for the day.
  2. Get excited about the little things. Our dogs see their food in the morning and get excited like it’s the first time they’ve eaten something so delicious. Our chocolate lab sees the sprinkler running and runs to it with pure bliss in his eyes, bathing his belly in the water and soaking up the rays. Our tiny jack russell knows exactly what time she gets her Greenie each day and stands at the cabinet just waiting (rather impatiently) for me to retrieve it for her. Take this as a lesson to get excited about, well….the things that excite you. I’ve learned to relish in my quiet morning time with a cup of coffee and my planner. To smile when I hear the screen door open, signaling my husband’s arrival from work. Smiling about the little things makes the hurdles that much easier to deal with.
  3. Bask in the sun. Literally. On a warm, sunny day – even when our pups are trying to bury a stick  or search for squirrels and chipmunks, they still take time out of their busy schedule to lay in the warm grass and soak up the sun. One minute, they’re running around like crazy, and the next they are laying in the sun enjoying the weather. Even on your busiest of days, make sure to soak up the sun, even just for a few moments.
  4. Make time for the people you love. Oftentimes throughout the day, my tiny jack russell will come look at me, as I work away on my laptop or make dinner, almost as if to say, “Just checking on you, Mom.” Lesson learned. Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to check in on loved ones and make time for family and friends. Don’t let this happen again!
  5. Go with the flow. Obviously, this is a bit easier for a pet, because they have no clue when they’re getting ready to take a road trip with me, or go to the vet, or be home alone for the day while I run errands. But they eagerly accept whatever is thrown their way. We may have snafus pop up in our everyday lives, but if we go with the flow and accept them, we’ll be much happier.
What lessons have your pets taught you?

Lessons from my Dog

5 thoughts on “Lessons from My Dogs

  1. Loved this! I don’t have a dog currently although I dream of a little dachshund, and used to have a dog, so I recognise a lot of these. Animals, like kids, are wonderful teachers for sure. I’d also add the lesson that frequent naps {or rests, since I don’t nap} are great for maintaining energy and joie de vivre. :)

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