15 thoughts on “a lot less is a lot more

  1. ah. this is the story of my life. my husband and i are purgers and spring cleaners and we love change.
    i’ve just recently been stripping every room in my house down. fresh cream paint on the walls, light sheers in the windows….to make way for colorful accessories and art and only the things that we LOVE. we are famous for ripping stuff out! not putting stuff in : ) we’re the opposite of pack rats.

    part of this is from necessity, because being an artist who works in many kinds of media, i accumulate a lot of STUFF. i’m ok with necessary stuff….it’s the other junk that gets the heave-ho so we’ll still have room to breathe : )

  2. I’m also in the middle of clearing out my “stuff”. It feel so good to let go.

    I also love clean and simple looks on blogs too. Makes them much easier to navigate and you appreciate what’s posted more.

  3. I gasp at minimalist design. Sometimes it’s just so simple that it takes my breath away. I love simple, modern design and as the saying goes:

    “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” -Antoine de Saint Exupery

    In fewer words, get rid of the unnecessary.

  4. It’s funny how what you create often depends on how you feel. Oh at least I do. Sometimes I feel that it’s ok to beautify things and complicate them artistically. But other times I seek simplicity and clarity in designs and there is no need to add anything “extra”. I think it ok to be minimalist on a part-time basis :0)

  5. Less is definitely more, and I think this could easily tie in with your recent advocacy of mindful spending (less cheap cluttery stuff, more quality goods) and living with abundance.

    Minimalism is a nice way to hit the ‘reset’ button.

  6. Tara, did you click all the way through to myfonts?

    This is brilliant. I just put press to next release of BPE too soon. This needs to be in it. I’ll put it in the following.

    Let’s build a parallel stream for SG, Cleavage and WiaW.

    1. OMG! now i just feel silly. NO! i’ve never clicked through like that. i “read” it in my RSS feed and just star the fonts i like.

      that is pretty f’ing brilliant.

      i’m not sure what you mean by parallel stream (i’m half asleep if that helps…) but i’m always game for trying something new!!

  7. The last time I went ‘less is more’ was when Hubby and I lived in a converted railway carriage. We lived there for 2 and a half years.

    Our space was 40 foot long by 8 foot wide. Enough room for the queen size bed (just). We had to build shelves for the (small) television and stereo – one cannot survive without good music!

    There was no room for a dining table, so we used folding chairs and a folding table for eating from.

    I stripped back all the ‘pretty’ extras.
    Decorations were my saucepans hanging from the roof – with a sprig of dried flowers.
    One of my masks from Africa.
    And my favourite miniature dog statue sat above the kitchen sink.

    It was incredibly liberating. Not having to deal with all the extra ‘stuff’, all the time. And it took me a lot of years (once we moved in to a proper house) to start putting that ‘stuff’ out again.

    Less definitely is more. I’d do it again.

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