Learn to Love Mondays


Mondays, ugh. Mention Mondayitis to anyone and they’ll grimly nod their head in agreement.

But does it have to be this way? 

Here are some tactics to help you start your week with a smile on your face.

Start fresh

The path to an enjoyable Monday begins on Friday. I know you want to get to happy hour, but spend the last 15 minutes of the week clearing your desk, doing your filing, and tying up any loose ends before you head off for the weekend. After all, you’re not likely to look forward to returning to the office if there’s paperwork everywhere and an out-of-control inbox.

Go one step further and prepare your to-do list and you’ll be able to start your week off with an uncluttered workspace and a clear focus.

Do what you love (or at least try to love what you do)

It’s not always that easy, I know. But the fact is we spend so much time at work (whether work to you means a cubicle, your home office, or at home with the kids) that having our occupation be something that we enjoy plays a huge role in determining how content we are with life. If you’re not there yet, perhaps it’s time to hunt for something new, gain some new training that will improve your future prospects, or talk with your boss/spouse/colleagues to try to minimize some of the issues you’re having.

If you can’t change your situation, try changing your attitude instead! Next time you complain about your job, consider how it’s paying for your upcoming dream holiday. Or when you’re stressed about your home-based business, be thankful that it allows you the flexibility to stay home with your children like you always wanted.

Plan ahead

Do weekdays remind you of frantic mornings getting yourself (and the rest of the family) ready and out the door, and exhausted evenings trying to pick up dinner on the way home?

Spending a couple of hours on the weekend planning the week’s meals and doing a “big shop” — rather than relying on the 6:00 p.m. supermarket dash every day — will save you bucketloads of time and ease the daily mealtime stress. As a bonus, you’ll probably find yourself saving money and cooking healthier, more interesting meals.

Then, before bedtime, dedicate a portion of your time to an evening routine that could include tasks such as making lunches, packing bags, and laying out clothes. Anything that you can do the night before will make your morning that much easier.

Rest and rejuvenate

It’s tempting to stay up late on Sunday night in an attempt to prolong the weekend. But be honest with yourself, that extra TV show (or two) is not doing you any favours. Have an early night on Sundays and you’ll wake up with a spring in your step.

Better yet, spend some time on Sunday night doing something for yourself. Lock yourself in the bathroom and have a relaxing soak, curl up in bed with a book, or paint your nails so you feel pretty all week.

Get up early

“Are you crazy, woman?!” I hear you say. “It’s already hard enough getting up on a Monday!”

I know, but hear me out. Getting up early will enable you to start your week the way you want, before you have to deal with the kids, the boss, the inbox, and the peak hour traffic.

It could mean sitting quietly and savouring your coffee, practising your guitar, playing with your dog, reading a book, meditating, journalling, exercising… anything that you feel like you maybe don’t have time to do normally but that you need to do to remain happy and fulfilled.

Schedule some fun

If you see weekends as for fun and weekdays as purely for work, no wonder you’re not excited when the new week rolls around! Try scheduling something fun for Monday nights, like coffee with a friend, pizza & movie night at home, or your stitch’n’bitch craft meetup.

Getting through your Monday will be that much easier knowing you have something to look forward to in the evening.

Tweak the little things

You may feel like work is work and there’s no time to think of yourself during the day, but you can do a few hacks to make it more enjoyable.

For example, listen to a podcast on your commute, wear your favourite shoes to work, have fresh flowers on your desk, or take your fancy tea to the office to enjoy every day.

What do you do to make Mondays better? Share your tips in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Learn to Love Mondays

  1. All your suggestions Alicia are great. It’s easy to just blame that which we think is out of our control. “Well it’s Monday”…”I hate my job, doesn’t everyone?”…”Life sucks”… Taking a proactive stance is so much more productive and empowering. Small changes can add up to big results. I find that just the simple act of putting a smile on my face can change me and the people around me.

  2. Ditto on the “starting Friday” – this has a huge impact, not just on Fridays, but every day! Take just 15 min at the end of the day and figure out what your 3 priority tasks are for the next day and review your calendar… when I do this tomorrow is so much more productive…

  3. This year I am taking Monday off to work on my jewellery business, so I can get terrible Tuesdayitis as I have to wrench myself away from my favoured creative, in the zone mode and get into the ‘day job’ frame of mind… Very hard at times! I find writing a gratitude list really helpful, and making sure I do something fun and relaxing on Monday night helps too. As you say, getting yourself organised on Friday arvo at work is so important! Thanks for the really helpful post.

    1. Leah, how great that you can dedicate the first day of your week to working on your passion and building your business! I can imagine that would make it hard to get into the swing of things on Tuesday but it sounds like you’re great at being mindful and doing everything you can to have a smile on your face no matter the day.

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