lather, rinse, relax

soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, moisturizers, balms, whips, bubble bars…doesn’t that sound so relaxingly good right now? all you have to do is carve out 30 mins and fill your tub – let these scrumptious products do the rest. made by hand, each item features all-natural ingredients. great consideration is given to the purity/quality and the derivation of each item. recipes are tried, tested and perfected to create the" best and most effective body-safe jar of happiness possible." scent offerings vary. Indie Creator: Joanna Schmidt

$4-22 from product body (etsy) and product body (main)

4 thoughts on “lather, rinse, relax

  1. Thank you Jan! I put my heart and soul into my products and I think it shows. I am also very involved with every aspect of the business, including my customers, who I LOVE!


    Thanks, Joanna

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