l. j. lambillotte :: like silk

silk fuschia dress by ljlammbilotte

copper silk tops by ljlambillotte

silk blue dress by ljlambillotte

i’ve been doing a much better job of looking nice & put together lately. [yesterday so does not count.] a new pair of shoes, some fabulous new jewelry, and a cleaned-out wardrobe have made a real difference.

next step: fancy clothes!

i am in some kind of love with these silk numbers by l. j. lambillotte on supermarket. pretty, feminine, a bit sexy – and heck, they look pretty darn comfy too!

One thought on “l. j. lambillotte :: like silk

  1. Could this PLEASE be the way of the new fabulous? Gorgeous AND comfy looking? That orange top with the greige bow is lovely. I would like that one please.

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