{kutztown} favorites for friday

skylarkstudio :: sterling silver bee necklace

after a good 14 months of swooning over skylark studio jewelry by karen stanford, i am finally the proud owner of this hand-cut sterling silver bee necklace. it is absolutely perfect for me: large enough to make a statement, simple enough to allow me to make that statement almost everyday!

spreadthelove - maple wood veneer postcard

so, through karen (above), i met melanie – the designer/illustrator behind this lovely maple veneer postcard. melanie left one of these simple beauties for me at hello bluebird this week! i’m planning to punch a whole in mine and use some lovely ribbon to hang it somewhere for a holiday decoration. the rest of melanie’s shop, spreadthelove, is full of bold, folk-art inspired illustrations that always, always make me smile.

sara smedley - holiday ornament tea towel

finally, here’s another fun piece from sara smedley. sara is known for her “stoplight” patterned placemats, tea towels, and aprons. i love how this ornament design fits so well into her established aesthetic but gives a nice option for the holidays!

sara is also a friend of melanie’s & karen’s – and all these talented ladies live in & around kutztown, pa, about 20 minutes from me! you can also check out more of their friends at the home on the web of their indie craft collective: z-town made.

so, i’ve shared some of my friends with you today. on this free-for-all friday, i was hoping you’d share some of your friends with me! one of the best parts of being involved with indie craft on the web is the friends we met and the relationships we cultivate.

please leave a comment on this post with a link to a friend‘s shop or blog so i can check them out!!

8 thoughts on “{kutztown} favorites for friday

  1. I totally agree about meeting friends! It has been one of the best parts of being involved with Etsy and the handmade community. I wish I had more time and money to travel all over the world and meet them in person. Its been fun, though, to chat with some of them through video chat and things, and I have travelled to meet a few.
    Ok, so let’s see – so many to share! How to choose…
    I recently did my first show and met many local Etsy artists, most of which I had never even seen before, so that was very cool.
    This is one of my favorites, Rigmarole > http://www.etsy.com/shop/Rigmarole

    1. thanks for sharing the link to rigmarole! i just added it to my favorites. i happen to have a thing for moravian stars 😉

      i love going to shows & meeting people i only know online. you can go to this huge event and not “know” anyone – but immediately you have great friends and lots of fun!

  2. Hi,
    I am also looking at starting up my own jewelery business, do you know of nay cheap suppliers that ic an buy from to start off with rather than having to go to mexico to find cheap suppliers?

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