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koide studio - ceramic bowl

koide studio - ceramic bowls

i love an artist who can put her artistic mission in words that ring true and clear! check out this snippet from the koide studio shop profile:

“I want to drink tea out of a cup that was shaped by me!” was my original idea to start touching clay. I still make cups, plates and bowls for myself and use them everyday.

Creation is my passion. I love it.
So, I never swear/curse to my pieces. Instead, I add lots of love.
If a cup flies out of wheel, I still don’t swear.
I respect clay’s will. I call it a gift from surprise.
It adds great personality to its surface. I just add my spice (modify) its self-adjustment. That’s how it works.

If the cup fits in your hand and fingers, one of my goals is accomplished.
If you don’t get bored touching, looking and using my piece(s), another goal is accomplished.

clearly, this is an artist with a passion – something very important at scoutie girl – but also with a sense of humor. if you can’t laugh at yourself, your situation, your circumstances, you’re missing a lot of joy to be had in life. an artist who can pass on that simple joy through their work is special indeed.

2 thoughts on “a lot of passion & a sense of humor :: koide studio

  1. OMG! Thank you sooooo much for featuring my pieces!

    What I wrote in my statement is something I really practice everyday.
    So, I never swear to my car either! It really works!
    I do appreciate your understanding my sense of humor as well.
    It is so subtle that many times people don’t notice.


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