kim westad ceramics

Kim Westad - ceramic antipasto dish

while researching a guest post at another blog, i stumbled across kim westad on supermarket. while etsy is, of course, the head honcho of online craft marketplaces, it’s important to remember the little guys sometimes too!

with supermarket’s focus on unique design, it’s a great place to find fresh talent!

Westad - stacked ceramic vase

kim westad began her career as a graphic designer but quickly moved to working with clay after she took a ceramics class.

her signature piece, the whirl (first image above), is so simple in its re-imagining of a party dish that it is simply genius. why haven’t these been designed like this from the dawn of time? or at least the dawn of antipasti…

kim westad - ceramic pendant

if the stacked vase or antipasti whirl aren’t in your budget today, kim also has a fabulous line of ceramic pendants!

whirls, vases, pendants, and other ceramics by kim westad :: $12.50-150

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