Keep the Torch Burning: Traditions, Sport and Creativity

Lillehammer, NorwayOn the heels of the closing ceremonies of this year’s Winter Olympics, I felt inspired to revisit photos I took several summers ago in Lillehammer, Norway, site of the 1994 Winter Olympics.  Many of the venues within the Olympic Village have stood the test of time, and Lillehammer will host the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics. 

Ski JumpAlthough the region’s snow-capped mountains boast a picturesque landscape year round, there is not enough snow for skiing in summer.  However, world class skiers train throughout the year, practicing on Astro Turf.  It demonstrates a testament to the passion and commitment required for this artistic and physically demanding sport.

Do you create year round?  If so, how do you keep on an even track and keep your torch burning?

Personally, the natural ebb and flow of my writing coincides with my “day job” schedule and, well, life.

This part of Norway has a rich cultural tradition of skiing, particularly cross-country skiing.  In the village of Lillehammer, skis are re-purposed to highlight this important pastime.  Note how worn and seasoned these skis look.  Can’t you just envision them skimming across the glistening snow in a previous life?

What traditions are important to you and how do you visually represent them?

Photo Credit: Eivind Hauger
Photo Credit: Eivind Hauger

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