just 9 days left to register for my ecourse

between the lines

just a shameless little reminder that there’s only 9 days left to register for my ecourse, between the lines. between the lines is a writing workshop & group-coaching session aimed at helping tell your story and the story of your business. by completing the assignments in the course, you’ll have a website’s worth of engaging content full of organic search engine optimization. it’s 4+ weeks long, with a variety of lesson formats, and lots of feedback from me!

if you’d like to hear more, click here to visit the site & watch a silly little video telling you all about it!

want to get a taste?
check out these posts:

bonus: if you register with a friend (buddy system is always best!), both of you will receive $30 of the registration fee. need a friend to sign up with? why not leave a comment here and meet someone new!

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