journal the new year


i've always been fascinated (and sort of intimidated) by people who make journaling part of their daily routines. maintaining that commitment day after day takes a very special & organized person. this year, i am going to give it a try – my only new years-y resolution. these clean & simple hand-made notebooks seem to fit the bill – not too big, not too small. they are perfect-bound with original cover designs & coth-reinforced spines. cardstock cover and interior pages are made with recycled, post-consumer fiber. do you journal?

Indie Designer: Wendy Chung

$12 from dozi

3 thoughts on “journal the new year

  1. I love those houses! I used to journal almost every day in high school. Haven’t in a long time, though it probably would help me with my artwork and such. I hadn’t even thought of it, but maybe I will journal this year… I hope your journaling goes well! I love the image of the American pioneers and their journals, documenting places and plants and animals they’d never seen before. Those journals are so beautiful.

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