getting to know you: jessica van den

Getting to Know You is your introduction to our new Scoutie Girl contributors. We’ll be running these over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy getting to know more about Jessica Van Den!

Why do you DIY?
Because it fullfils a part of me that I never knew was empty before I started. I used to be a teacher, and before that I was studying for a loooooong time. I was always very academic – so the first time I actually made something physical, it was a revelation! I really enjoyed Manual Arts in early high-school (I think Americans call it Shop – though I think Manual Arts has a great ring to it, now that I think about it!) but I sort of let that interest lapse as I got more into academic subjects – mostly due to changing schools and not having the subject available.

What are you MOST passionate about right now?
Well, at this very moment I am about to launch issue 2 of my crafty zine, *bespoke* – I am dying to know what all my readers think of it! Oh, I am also working on a brand-new Autumn range for Epheriell, which is keeping me inspired! (Yep, it’s Autumn/Fall now Down Under, thank goodness!)

What do you have in common with Scoutie Girl readers?
I’m creative, driven, and passionate about what I do! I’m determined to make my business a success and live the life I want, not the one society tells me I should live. So far, it’s going pretty darn well!

What would Scoutie Girl readers be surprised to know about you?
Once upon a time, I was going to be a research scientist! I have 3 bachelors degrees (Arts, Science and Education – 6 years of study). My science degree is in Genetics and Microbiology – and one of my Arts majors was Contemporary Religious Studies.

When you think about it, though, real research science is quite a creative profession, so perhaps the career move I’ve made is not that surprising.

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8 thoughts on “getting to know you: jessica van den

  1. Welcome Jessica! I love the eclectic background that you and so many artists have. I do think science is a highly creative field as are most of the left brain professions. We are just trained to think that creativity is something rare and assigned to only a few gifted souls (artists). It seems to me Scoutie Girl is about all the ways that is not so! After all artist may be defined as “one who professes and practices an imaginative art”.

  2. Nice to meet you Jessica! I used to love “shop” class too.

    I’m wondering what made you make the shift from being a academic/future scientist to what you are doing now?

    This is my favorite part- live the life I want, not the one society tells me I should live.

    Rock on sister !

  3. Great interview Jess!!
    you’re an inspiration to so many and a real supporter of handmade!
    Looking forward to your new range and the new issue of Bespoke, loved issue 1!!

  4. Nice to know more about you Jess.
    Funnily I know heaps of Uni graduates who are now in the crafting business.

  5. Hi all – thanks so much for the warm welcome!

    Leah – to answer your question…

    Basically, ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a scientist. So, that was the path I stuck to. But when I finished my Bachelors degree I had to consider if I really wanted to go down the long and hard road of doing Honours, and then a PhD – the only real path for someone who wants to be a research scientist. I took a year off to think about it, and decided that the passion wasn’t really there. So, I chose to become a teacher, because it seemed like a sensible choice…

    … I soon realised that the ‘traditional’ classroom was not the place for me, and so embarked upon a few education/science based positions over the next few years, before finding my current passion and running with it!

  6. Hi Jess! I didn’t realize you were starting a column over here. So cool! I’m looking forward to seeing you over here, in addition to your own blogs!

  7. Oh yay! I’m so very excited to see some of my favourite Aussie bloggers on Scoutie Girl, I’ll be stopping by a lot more often from now on :)

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