It All Began With a Photograph: A Farewell Post


It all began with a photograph. A tree-lined street, a beautiful fall day, serendipity.

The image I captured months before helped to set my life on a new trajectory. I used that image as the first banner of my first website, Handmade in It just so happened that it was an image of the street that the founder of Scoutie Girl, Jan DiCintio, called home.

When Jan came across the image, she wrote me an email to introduce herself.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I was living two backyards away from the woman behind one of my favorite blogs.

Jan and I struck up a quick friendship in a local community where few people shared our interests & points of view. A few months later, she approached me about taking over the site. She was wanting to consolidate and focus her business around her line of fabric. She could tell I was looking to take my own writing to a new level and a bigger audience. It was a perfect fit.

In July 2009, I became the new owner of Scoutie Girl. For the first few months, things largely remained unchanged. Then I began to experiment with longer, more personal writing. I took on issues like the problem with “buy handmade” and a lack of abundance mindset among members of our community.

And that’s when I hit my stride.

But hitting my stride wasn’t a matter of staying the course. Hitting my stride actually meant stepping into my growing expertise in digital marketing and business in the New Economy. Just as Jan focused her business on fabric, I focused on business.

I always believed I would have more time, more energy, more space to devote to Scoutie Girl. Next month, next quarter, next year. That time & energy never came because I’m quite good at focusing. There was always a more pressing priority in my core business.

Earlier this year, I decided to let Scoutie Girl go so that she could grow into her next phase. Someone else would need to provide the vision and be the catalyst for creative innovation in her corner of the internet. It was a decision made with love; I loved Scoutie Girl enough to know that someone else could do wonderful things for her.

A couple of months ago, I found that person. Amanda Rose, who has been running Dawn Correspondence for about 5 years, will take over the helm of Scoutie Girl starting Monday, November 18.

It’s been truly an honor first leading and then facilitating the Scoutie Girl community. I look forward to seeing Amanda’s fresh vision come to fruition. I want to thank Carrie Keplinger for her steady hand administering the site the last few years.

I also want to thank each of you for embodying the Scoutie Girl mission: living a creative life with character.

Farewell, Scoutie Girls, farewell.

{ photo by Catherine Just }

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