is interior design really a creative art?

This is a guest post from Mike Gracia.

What do artistic graffiti, photography, and interior design have in common? They are all divisive when referred to as art forms; while some consider them creative, others do not.

Those against graffiti have the fact that it is a criminal act on their side; photographs are already an essential part of life for many for documenting their children’s development, recording special occasions, and more.

But what about interior design?

Can a well planned and stylishly decorated living area ever be as evocative as a painting or sculpture?

Can your kitchen ever inspire strong feelings like a piece of graffiti on a public wall or a perfectly timed and exposed photo can?

Do you see clutter or cosiness? Minimalism or emptiness? Just as there is no clear interpretation of a painting or piece of modern art, there is no right answer when it comes to the way we decorate and furnish our homes. Personal preference reigns supreme.

This piece looks at whether a few creative flourishes and the right choice of furniture and colours can turn a living space from a purely functional area into a feast for the eyes and soul that is inviting, reflects tastes and personality, but is also warm and comforting.

Since forever, the home has been the ultimate showcase of its inhabitants’ personal tastes and preferences; furniture and decoration can powerfully showcase a person’s way of thinking and even the kind of life they lead, and that is a very powerful effect for an inanimate object to have. The home can be an accurate representation of the self, and in very much the same way as you may hang a classy painting on your wall, furnishing your home can represent your artistic outlook and tell your guests a lot about you.

Take these designs, for example.

photo via Fashion For Home

A number of aspects shown here in this bedroom layout can definitely be considered artistic, the most obvious being the colour scheme; the basic cream contrasts with the black to create a sophisticated feel, and the brown sets a tone of warmth and friendliness, crucial in the bedroom. This ability to use colours to create a mood is an art in itself. Minimalism is created with straight edges and symmetry in this layout, influenced by the artistic movement because of its suggestion of modernity in simplicity.

photo via Fashion For Home

This living room feels very modern, with contemporary furniture design that is classy but almost post-modern as it has taken traditional ideas such as sofas, coffee tables, and bookcases and put a futuristic spin on them.

photo via Fashion For Home

This stylish living room continues the theme of minimalism, with its use of plain white – a colour that generally suggests neutrality but may project hospitality to some guests, proposing that a living room can be as subjective as any painting.

It is products like these designer beds that reinforce interior design’s demand to be considered true art. The common artistic aspects shown here, such as colour schemes and usage of space, value interior design as a valid art form.

The actress Hedy Lamarr once said,

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.

She highlights the charm art can radiate, and where else would such emotional reaction be better suited than your own home?

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Mike Gracia currently writes for Fashion For Home, a home fashion retailer, who are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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  1. we always forget the important role played by lighting in interior design don’t you think? With just a few delicate lighting touches, we can easily update a tired looking room and make it seem friendly, vibrant and alive. We should definitely think of interior design as art tho!

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