iphone photography by diane zerr of faye + co

rainy puddle with umbrella

rainbow of hand trucks

clouds in a puddle

iphone photography by diane zerr

i am constantly amazed at the photography that my lovely friend diane zerr, of faye + co, uploads to facebook for two very simple reasons: first, she lives about 5 minutes from me so i often recognize what she’s shooting but get that “lightbulb” of seeing something in a new way and second, she shoots it all with her iphone.

three of the four shots above are looking into puddles. are you that aware of the art in your own surroundings to look down at puddles as potential subjects? i can tell you i’m not. but diane’s photography makes me want to see the world that way. in her custom stationery & graphic design work, diane is constantly making me see things – sometimes slightly, sometimes jarringly – in a new light.

that’s a real artist, isn’t?

before you ask, diane uses several iphone apps to create the effects. chiefly, she uses camerabag (helga filter), which i also have & love! and she uses tiltshiftgen & lo-mob.

8 thoughts on “iphone photography by diane zerr of faye + co

  1. fabulous!
    yet another reason for me to covet the iphone 😉
    i’m not always super-aware of the beauty hidden in my ordinary everyday surroundings, but many times i do notice.
    i’d love to explore some more creative ways to use my point-and-shoot to capture the details.

  2. Love these photos. I’ve been so impressed with the kind of photos I’ve able to achieve with my iphone. Will have to look into camera bag! Thanks, Tara for sharing!

  3. How stunning! When I discovered TTV photography I was amazed what I saw through the viewfinder but never thought to see things “through the puddle” – TTP, haha. Love them all!

  4. beautiful photographs! it’s funny, i often prefer my iphone camera to my real one because of the amazingly realistic effects apps they have out now! i just downloaded camerabag and look forward to trying it out… until now i’ve been dabbling with hipstamatic, which is also great! you can change the lens, flash, and film, which adds great retro flair to your pics. methinks a walk is in order over lunch to try out my new app :)

  5. Thanks for the article Tara, and to everyone for their kind words. I have a lot of fun with my iPhone camera, and the apps make it so easy to turn everyday life into something spectactular.

    Almost all of the photo apps have settings that you can change, and I’ve made sure to use the highest resolution possible. The Camera app that comes with the iPhone doesn’t allow you to change the resolution, but other apps do! Have fun everyone!

  6. great photos! i’ve wished the camera on the iphone was better. should have known there was an app for that. i just bought it and can’t wait to use it. <3

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