Introducing: Julie Green of Up Up Creative

I am so pleased to (re)introduce you to Julie Green of up up creative.

Since the moment I “met” her, I’ve felt like Julie was a kindred spirit. She has insatiable drive, a fierce intellect, and a keen eye for design. She writes:

I started Up Up Creative in November 2008 after coming to the scary realization that writing my dissertation in English was making me miserable. A new mom battling postpartum depression, I suddenly found myself gripped by the fierce need to create.

Julie is going to be writing a new column on Scoutie Girl featuring the philosophy & strategy behind eco-friendly design. This isn’t just any “green finds” column – but a smart look at what will certainly be the future of great design.

Please give Julie a warm welcome!

3 thoughts on “Introducing: Julie Green of Up Up Creative

  1. while i’m blessed to not have suffered from post-partum depression, i’m the new mom of a wonderful 5-month old and the call to be home is so strong in my heart. it can be really overwhelming at times as i sit here at my desk in the small design agency i work for. i love this job, but i have come to the conclusion that i love my baby and my freedom to create as i please more.

    welcome to Scoutie Girl, a site i’ve found that’s saved my sanity (by letting me know that i’m not alone in these feelings). i can’t wait to be even further inspired to get off my butt and get my dreams of freelancing from home a reality in my life!

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