inspired links

While Bonnie was road tripping across the country to Colorado last week, I had a little guest post on Going Home to Roost. Learn what John Cleese thinks about finding his creativity.
Read: Concentration, Creativity, and a Different Kind of Disconnection

It’s American Craft Week, did ya know? Megan has 3 fantastic ideas for spreading the word about CRAFT.
Read: How Will You Promote Craft Week?

In case you need someone to say it other than little ol’ me, Steven Pressfield is encouraging you to improv it.
Read: Start Before You’re Ready

Why do you DIY? I loved Elizabeth’s answer.
Read: DIY: Between Desire and Reality

And sometimes, we just need to feel the rhythm.

PS I just launched an ecourse for learning the basics of creating the website you want. Need to get your web space in order before the Holiday season arrives? I can help.

PPS Go check out maechevrette, the artist behind the painting above.

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