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i’m sure most of us are quite enamored with trolling through flea markets, scouting out vintage stores, and finding those little treasures that are unique and make a house feel more like home. but i think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person more dedicated to the style of days-gone-by than liane of enhabiten.

liane lives & breathes her sense of style and relationship with the past. her etsy shop, previously featured here, is a mix of repurposed vintage textiles, eco-friendly home decor, and goodies that have that warm, lived in feel that good thrifted pieces have.

enhabiten - black cross kapok pillow

but just how far will lianne go to live out the antique aesthetic? one word: tattoo. for the last couple of weeks, liane has been posting images she’s using as inspiration for a tattoo.

enhabiten - tattoo inspiration

using patterns from early american wall stencils, vintage textiles, and ceramic designs, lianne put together a completely unique tattoo. such a great way to take something old and give it new life. i’m sure many people will ask about the origin of her tattoo – giving her an opportunity to give them a tidbit of information on her passion for vintage design.

here’s the result! love it, liane!

enhabiten - liane's vintage textile inspired tattoo

random fact i learned from lianne’s blog: “Real linoleum flooring is made with 100% natural ingredients including linseed oil, cork, limestone, tree rosin and natural minerals and it is installed with solvent free adhesives.” awesome!

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