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As this year winds to a close, I find myself reflecting on how I’ve changed. Many things have changed, but what excites me the MOST is that I’ve moved into three dimensional art! Now, as an art quilter, I’ve always been working in three dimensions, as the batting between the top & bottom layers of fabric and the stitching that binds those layers together creates a wonderful 3 dimensional texture, to be sure.

But, I’m talking about honest to goodness working in three full dimensions, while still using my medium of choice my hand dyed fabric! 2 textile artists have been instrumental in my conversion. 1st off is Sonji Hunt. Her blog is filled with her humorous look at the “Art World”, and she is a master of color and texture! She works both small:


And large:


Her use of Peltex (a stiff interfacing used in baseball cap brims) to create small formal elements that she then sews together into much larger, more dimensional constructions was mind altering for me. Just look at this wonderful creation, it’s breathtaking!


The other very influential artist I wanted to introduce you to today is Jane Davila, her work is usually quite small and refined, she is able to say what she needs very eloquently with very little:


Back in the Spring of 2008 she started posting wee quilts on her blog one a day at a time:


The 1st 4 were the rectangular, but on day 5:


My interest was piqued! What was this going to be? Well, all was revealed in time!

Oh! So lovely! These images sat in my mind for quite awhile, and then I constructed a series of 3 houses in the early winter of 2009.


Although I didn’t do a lot more in this 3rd dimension in the Spring and Summer, the idea has been smoldering in the back of my brain, until it finally exploded into a NEED to make some small, modern houses:


As these were ornaments, I had the greatest time arranging them into compositions using all 3 dimensions. I know from that intense feeling of satisfaction that this working in 3 dimensions and using smaller works to construct a larger composition is the direction I shall be heading in 2010!


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candy glendening is the quartist behind candied fabrics. candy lives & works in redlands, california with her husband, 2 sons, and her dog, stirling.

editor’s note: while this contribution is not paid, candy is a scoutie girl sponsor.

14 thoughts on “inspirational artists :: by candy glendening

    1. Thanks Mandy! Jane & Sonji are amazing artists, it’s been an honor for me to see inside their brains via their blogs, the insight I get is awesome! One of the reasons I took up blogging was to in some small way give one iota back to the blogosphere in a sort of pay it forward sort of way from all the fabulous things I’ve learned! Happy New Year to you too!

  1. candy, thanks for introducing me to these wonderful textile artists! and of course, you are one of my favorites – your pieces do look like bits of candy sewn into art. my girls love their custom pieces and i’m coming to you very soon for a custom bag. happy new year! : )

  2. WooHoo! Not only am I a SG sponser, I’m one of her biggest fans! Thanks for letting me share my inspiration Tara! Looking at what got accomplished in 2009 – I can’t WAIT to see what 2010 brings!

  3. That was a great article, Candy! I can feel myself gravitating to the art quilt realm …. someday :-) right now I am simply enjoying “the mix” of my simple patchwork skirts and blankets.

    Have a Happy New Year!

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