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Redefining Worth

I’ve been without a job for about two months now, and the guy and I have been roaming about Thailand for that two months. Hopping trains, taking buses that feel like an Indiana Jones ride, getting open water scuba dive certified, hanging out on the beach, almost getting pooped on[Read more]

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The Holiday Season has come and gone and the only thing I have to show for it? PLASTIC BAGS!! (Not my collection, but a close representation. Thanks, Flickr!) I knew I needed to do something worthwhile with them. Recycling would be a convenient way to decrease my carbon footprint, but[Read more]

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The 10 Book: What’s on Your Top 10 List?

Last year, I introduced you to a series of inspirational books. I saved the best book in this series for last. The 10 Book: What’s on your top 10 list? is written by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada. Similar to other books in the Life by the Numbers series, this is[Read more]

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Padlet: Your Virtual Vision Board

Do you have one of THESE bulletin boards? Photo Credit I confess, I used to.  I could never keep it organized, no matter how hard I tried.  I would use different colored paper, or ink, or post its.  I tried to divide the board up into sections.  I even tried[Read more]

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Know Your Inner Animal

We all have animal instincts.  Are you in touch with yours? What drives you? How do you like to communicate? What are your comfort zones? What are your points of fear? Being in touch with all of these characteristics is basic to survival for animals in the wild.  As humans[Read more]

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In Search of the Golden Apple

Recently I went apple picking with my family. It was a beautiful November day, 70 degrees, without a cloud in the sky. The orchard we appreciate most is Carter Mountain Orchard which sits upon a mountain top, with a panoramic view of Charlottesville, the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains of[Read more]

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