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vinyla music by penny lane 57
vinyl music by penny lane 57

dear readers, mind if i put you on hold?

i’m not going to be signing off this week as usual. instead, i’ll be blogging slowly through this weekend (i have much more to share from the blog issue!) and will post a recap on monday. on monday & tuesday, you’ll hear from the contributors but not from me. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do after a weird week!

if you haven’t yet, i would love for you to check out my behind-the-scenes & more personal blog at taragentile.com. not as much eye candy as over here, but i think you might like some of the info! this week i wrote a popular post on how writing a great comment on a design or craft blog might get you featured faster than a carefully crafted submission email.

i’m currently finishing up a lecture-y thing to present on tuesday at my alma mater on the “art & business of crafting your online self“. crafting these presentations is fun because i try to take a more academic outline and turn in on it’s head to feel more like blog. okay…well…. fun for me!

so, if i see ya around – awesome! if not – have a fabulous weekend!

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