what do you see? inkBLOT pillows from uniform natural

inkblot pillows from uniform natural

today i posed the question on twitter, “maybe some cookies will make it better?” the overwhelming response was “always.”

but @uniformnatural’s response stood out due to a striking avatar, so click click click led me to these beauties.

beautiful things like this can, indeed, make things better too.

i hope you have a beautiful weekend. i’ll catch you back here on monday – unless inspiration strikes sooner.

here’s hoping it does.

btw, if you need some lovely weekend reading, check out this week’s we scout wednesday post for some writing from the scoutie girl community on creative struggles we all face.

4 thoughts on “what do you see? inkBLOT pillows from uniform natural

  1. Tara, I have 2 little things to offer from my older,still sticking and kicking, perspective on the surviving”stuck periods” of art/family/business balancing.

    I am still haunted by this one line :”Potential has a shelf life.” It was written by Margaret Atwood in her 1989 novel Cat’s Eye regarding a very promising artist character who had never amounted to anything according to his friends. I spawned many a guilty graphic daydream of putting my kids (vs. art supplies) into a row of mason jars!

    Also, a now vintage book of women’s essays called ReInventing Home that was very honest and inspiring. Used copies for pennies!

    Some goodies you might like for a beach read if someone is minding the kids and shop! Happy weekend.

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