Indie Craft is a Cast of Characters

We found this post by Tara in our archives and it reminded us why Scoutie Girl is so important to people who love to create!

indieboundflogoThe weekends always leave me considering the true nature of the indie craft movement. Sometimes it’s because I’ve spent too much time at the mall killing time and ‘people watching’. Other times it’s because I’ve gotten out and about at a craft market, meeting people who are merely avatars and Facebook updates otherwise.

The indie craft movement is made up of makers, designers, and artists. Each has a unique personality, point of view, perspective. Each character has a pivotal role in the drama.

They each have great costumes too.

The whole story of the indie craft movement works because these characters are people and not corporations. They need to make a living creating their craft but they think about more than profit. They have rich back-stories and creative quirks.

This is an incredible business!

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