In Their Shoes

Windmill to Windmill

When you look at a photo of a windmill, you probably think of the Netherlands.  What do you consider when you are actually inside a windmill looking out toward an adjacent windmill?  My thoughts focused on how tiny the building was, but how very clever and efficient the minimalist furnishings and decorations were out of necessity.   Of note is that this windmill also serves as a residence for a couple.

Dutch Wooden Shoes

Although Dutch wooden shoes are still sometimes worn in the country (mostly by farmers), they have become an icon of tourism.  As you can see, the wooden shoes that adorn this windmill are quite worn and certainly have some stories to tell.

Painted Wooden Shoes

The shiny painted shoes that abound on every corner in Amsterdam are very pretty.  However, I long for a glimpse into the history of the tired shoes on the windmill instead, as they worked the fields.  More than just accessories — strong, protective, purposeful workhorses — seeing the fruits of their labor as the tulips sprout and grow.

When you travel, have you tried to see what life is like in someone else’s shoes?

What do your shoes say about you?

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