If you don’t have anything niche to say…

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Thank you, internet. You put birds of a feather at our finger tips (wing tips?).

Wanna know how another designer launched her new product line? You can read all about it on her blog, in her ebook, or even reach out to her and ask her about it.

The people we are able to find — it’s amazing. It’s convenient. It’s inspiring. It’s practical. It’s…limiting?

It can fast track your business to get insider tips from experienced pros. But there’s a lot more out there. More opinions, more strategy, and more ideas than your usual crowd or business idols can offer.

Are you niching yourself out of insight?

Imagine you have the experience of that already-launched-it-designer; let’s not drop her for the sake of novelty. But imagine that you also have the brainpower from the savvy mom at play group, the enterprising college senior who interns for your brother, and the neighbor with three failed start-ups who finally went for a teaching job. You just might hear The Thing you need to hear from them that solves your problem or helps you break through to the next level of your biz.

And you just might hear it because no one in your niche is thinking it.

You know about the forest and the trees, right? Sometimes it pays to ask a fish.

You don’t need to go around polling everyone who looks sorta intelligent. But you can cultivate a list of go-tos to contact when you’re stuck around something. What if you had three to six brains you trust on speed dial, ready to weigh in when niche is not enough? Powerful stuff.

You tell us: have you peeked outside your niche for help? Which fish can you put on speed dial?

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3 thoughts on “If you don’t have anything niche to say…

  1. So true! Sometimes it easy to get into the idea that people outside of this little sphere don’t get how the art and craft business works, and forget that business is business and some things apply across the board. Some of my best business advice has come from my contactor husband, and my high tech business brother in law.
    Getting outside the box is great, but it is there for a reason. All those box ideas are a result of things that have worked for a lot of people, so don’t discount it without a closer look.

  2. Ahsparkle! We have so many resources that we do not utilize and that more than anything, is what really hurts us in the end! It is easy to forget that our perfect inner circle of friendship may not be our perfect inner circle for other aspects of our life. Thanks for a great reminder!

  3. Thank you for this blog post…As I read the title, I realized that I could mentally convert some obstacle people into resource people…It’s funny how the people who are not in my niche, who give me difficult answers that I don’t like, have pushed me to far far greater paths than those who nurture my tastes…I am learning to like the work that outside my nest people create for me…The niche people help me with self-confidence, the others push me & make me work…Work is good, once you have the self-stuff all together…

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