if you can’t stand the pink, get out of the spring

cherry blossoms reading, pa

oh my, i love me some cherry blossoms. i think it goes back to my coed days when the main drag of campus was completely ripped up and redone. and when it was finished there were about 20 brand-new cherry trees lining either side of the road and up the middle in the added boulevard area (extra points to whoever knows what that grassy area between lanes is called!). each spring, the middle of campus would look like there a blizzard of soft pink. the street & sidewalks covered in a delicate blanket of pretty.

every year at this time, i get nostalgic for campus life. truthfully, there’s no time i’m not nostalgic for campus life, but that’s a different post entirely. so in honor of my spring-time obsession, i thought i’d round up my own little cherry blossom festival right here on scoutie girl!

cherry blossom color palette by daisy janie

leave it to jan (daisy janie) to extract the essence of something so simple into create something extraordinary! she posted this pic of a cherry blossom and distilled it to its color palette. she then used that palette to jazz up some of her signature patterns which you can see here.

cherry blossoms earrings, photograph, fabric

earrings by shizen designs.
photograph by chelsea shores via @thepaintedlily.
sakura red cotton sateen by cottage industrialist.


not only is this shot delicious and the food downright scrumptious looking, it’s from a picnic who’s sole purpose is the viewing of cherry blossoms. it’s called a hanami party and i am grovelling at the feet of tea from tea & cookies. thank you for bringing this knowledge into my life!

Tutu's Tree

this polaroid by sweet eventide is my idea of heaven, pure & simple. she took the photograph as a gift to her mother-in-law who is moving out of her home of 15 years and loves her cherry tree…

cherry blossoms necklace, ribbon, and perfume

cherry blossom necklace by blend creations.
corrin eau de parfum by sweet anthem.
cherry blossom seam binding at fresh lemon blossoms.

finally, a photography from my step-dad of a weeping cherry tree. at the house where my brother and i first arrived after birth, there was a weeping cherry tree in the front yard. it bloomed every year right around his birthday (he was 26 on sunday!).

Weeping Cherry

okay, that’s all the sweet pink hue i can stand for one post (for now!). feel free to link up your cherry blossom inspired posts & goodies in the comments.

16 thoughts on “if you can’t stand the pink, get out of the spring

  1. SG, I was so excited to see your post about cherry blossoms. I too am in love with this time of year when they bloom. Love the links! Esp daisy jane’s color palette…just gorgeous! Oh and my brother turned 24 on Sunday the 11th. So happy bday to your brother and mine!

  2. This is the first link I clicked on this morning on Twitter and it made me smile!

    I love love love love love cherry blossoms. My obsession started when I was living in Japan. I lived near Mt. Yoshino which has some of the most breathtaking cherry tree landscapes. I also loved the week long celebration of the trees when everyone would have O-hanami / tree viewing picnics under the blossoming trees.

    A lot of my work is inspired by these lovely trees:


  3. Hi Tara,
    Beautiful post! I absolutely love cherry blossoms. In Tokyo, around the end of March to the beginning of April, cherry blossoms are in full bloom. There are parks known for its cherry trees (and blossoms) and those parks get packed with people having picnic under cherry trees. It is definitely one of Japanese traditions. It’s been almost 18 years since I moved to the US, but I still miss cherry blossom season of Japan. I hope to go back to Tokyo next spring to see those magnificent flowers. Thank you so much for including my cherry blossom earrings!

  4. Oh wow, all the cherry blossom photos are stunning!! We mostly have almond blossoms around here but I love when we drive by a field full of cherry blossoms. Their colors are so beautiful! Thank you for including my cherry blossom seam binding collection with your wonderful choices!

  5. Oh these are gorgeous! Ours are yet to blossom, but I can’t wait, they are so beautiful…

    Thanks for sharing these!

    (The grassy bit between lanes…isn’t it called a central reservation?)

  6. i love cherry blossoms!! gorgeous photos…i really like the cherry blossom necklace. it also reminds me of my collegiate days (we had a section on campus where they had 2 rows of cherry blossoms…spring time was beautiful), and our old house in seattle where we had a cherry tree in our backyard…

  7. Hey there!

    Thank you so much for including my Corrin perfume in this lovely lovely post!! She is absolutely my favorite spring scent and the cherry blossoms are so perfectly feminine in it.



  8. Cherry trees in bloom are an awesome sight. I love that you created your own festival of sorts here today, and I’m happy to see my MIL’s tree included.

    And by the way, design your own Keds?! I’m doomed. :)

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