I wanna do Bad Things To You


when my husband, daughter and i first moved into a new place, late last summer, i was a little bored. i happened onto a section of my digital cable where i could watch a few series from the beginning for free. i chose some show called true blood.

true blood cup

the reason i watched it was because i vaguely recalled hearing good things about the show but didn’t know much else. two episodes the first night (thought they were okay). three episodes the next night (was starting to get titillated). five episodes the third night (completely captivated).

coffin couch

i caught up to the live shows (late in the second season) within a week. i called my cousin (who, surprisingly watches way more tv than me) and she told me all about her love of true blood and how, little did i know, it was based on a book series (i’m on book 10 of 10, reading it very slowly because the thought of waiting a year for book 11 literally makes me whimper).

true blood glass

it’s been 9 months since my favorite show (dare i say of all time) ended it’s second season and i’ve been busy. i launched a website. i have a few freelance jobs. i’m busy with my tribe.

trueblood shirt

but in 11 days, when my beloved returns to hbo, i’ll make the time for it.

will you?

*image credits:
bewere poster: hbo
true blood mug: maid of clay
coffin couch: von erickson
fang glass: whitewash sundries
vampire boys tee: royalkane

13 thoughts on “I wanna do Bad Things To You

  1. Yes! We PVR (like Tivo) anything we think is worth watching, which is actually a fair bit, if you peel out all the commercials and watch when you actually have time & want to. True Blood is on the list right up there with Dexter and Weeds and 24. Totally looking forward to the new season. However, I’m a slow reader and have a mountain of books to read, so I won’t be rushing out to read the books. Perhaps they’ll be on a future reading list.

    Nice post. Great Title!!

    Hugs and butterflies,

  2. oh heck yea!! a fellow truebie! i’m totally hooked and am dying to see the premier for season 3! i met charlaine harris at a book signing and she signed my true blood dvds!!! :) i smile every time i look at it still :)

  3. I also discovered this series late. But I discovered the books first and plowed through them. Not being as forward thinking as you:) I was really disappointed to have to wait quite a few months to read her newest (which I just finished this morning). I tried to watch the show but it is just too slow moving compared to the books. Maybe I’ll give it another try since I have so long to wait for Sookie’s next literary adventure…

  4. heck yes!!! cannot wait!

    i’ve only read the first two books because i was afraid to ruin the series — i know that from reading them that they are mostly based on sookie — should i be afraid to read them?! i love the characters so much in the series that… ahhhh! i’m torn! but I SO want to read the rest of them … like yesterday! xoxo

  5. Thanks for all the responses ladies!

    @Amanda, the books are so very different than the series so no, go ahead and get busy with them. The third book was my favorite so that’s probably why I’m so excited about this season.

    @Japip – it’s definitely a must watch. The show is so different than the books (as I said to Amanda haha) so it’s too hard to get annoyed/confused. The second season was a little disappointing as I hated MaryAnn (and she was not a big deal in book 2) but this season is gonna ROCK.

  6. I am bad and do not watch TV very much…BUT I can appreciate and WANT that Coffin Couch!! It’s amazing and I am surprised it is not more expensive (still out of my range…but not unreachable!) !! I have been super obsessed with claw foot furniture…I love the claw feet on it makes me want it all the more!

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