how to wear fleece & not look like a snow bunny

Ever since having kids, my winter wardrobe has turned into a machine-wash-only abyss of monotonous fleece pullovers and cotton/acrylic sweaters. For real.

It’s as much of a bummer as it sounds.

But please… handwash only? All those tags in my old clothes might as well read “please store me someplace safe until your children are old enough not to ruin me.”

And of course the good thing about fleece is that it’s often made from recycled plastic bottles. So I feel good about that.  And yeah, it’s warm. So there’s that. I can turn the thermostat down a notch or two. The more fleece I wear, the eco-friendlier I get, right? But then there’s that ripped-from-the-track-or-the-ski-slope sporty-spice generic-quarter-zip-fleece thing, too. And that sort bums me out.

So I’ll admit that this post is as self-serving as it is interested in finding that intersection between eco and design. I hope you enjoy. And if you’re in the southern hemisphere? Well then enjoy a little chuckle at all us cold people in the Northern hemisphere. And bookmark this post for July.

fleece fashion from etsy

1 – ohmygod! laser-cut fleece scarves from brand new shop Gestaltgoods (herringbone pictured, but seriously: you must go check out the whole shop)

2 – high-collar chartreuse fleece jacket from ReConsumed

3 – avienne ruffle scarf from dear avienne (also a new shop! no sales yet!)

4 – coal miner’s daughter sweater from Sew Moe

5 – cardi tuxedo (fleece cardigan) from Hackwith Design House

6 – fox in the snow fingerless gloves from Vixen Stitch

7 – ruffly gray fleece hoodie from ReConsumed

I’ll take one of each, please.

{editor’s note: Me too, please. I’m freezing.}

7 thoughts on “how to wear fleece & not look like a snow bunny

  1. Haha! Totally know what you mean. Ever since I became sick, all I’ve wanted is comfort. (I think I went an entire winter sans bra- gross, because I’m a D cup!). But, I’ve been steppin’ up my game and thank goodness stretch pants came back into style. I just throw on a pair of those, some boots, and layer on top with a cotton cardigan and I’m good to go! Now, that laser cut fleece scarf is the BOMB! I would happily wear that in my comfy wardrobe:)

  2. What a wonderful blog, it keeps us mindful. Our awareness level needs to be raised, well at least mine. I know these things but have to keep reprograming my thinking. I practice and then get compliant. Thank you.

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