How to Thrive in Six Steps – Step Two

boats_smallHow often do you take time for yourself simply to satisfy YOUR needs?
How often do you WANT to do so?

What holds you back?
What stands in your way?

If you want to thrive rather than simply survive and get by (and sometimes barely so) it is critical to get clear on what has been holding you back and how you can make self care a priority.

Some preliminary steps to take are getting clear on who you are (what are your values and core desires) and what is ultimately important to you.

When you gain clarity here you can use that information as your guidepost to make decisions related to your care, your passions, your day to day needs.

While there are times where external events or conflicting needs will clash with your self-care plans, most of what plays out comes down to you and your decisions.

What are you willing to make non-negotiable?

What is critical to your well-being?

What are you going to let go of, say no to, or put up boundaries around?

Some key issues people battle (especially women) are lack-related: the perception of no time, money, or support.

We also battle with ourselves – who needs us, will we be letting others down, are we selfish for wanting to invest in ourselves instead of giving or caring for others?

Much of both types of battles comes back to trying to do it all and not give ourselves a break.

Next time we will look at how to plan for self-care and make sure you win these battles. For now look at your diary to see what is missing and what appears often. Think about any cancelled plans, over-filled days, or wish list ideas that don’t seem to be happening.

What is or isn’t happening and what is standing in your way? Be honest with yourself, but without judgment. ┬áThe intention is to uncover any ongoing issues that maybe you could push through going forward.

What is one thing standing in your way on your journey from surviving to thriving?

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