How to Thrive in Six Steps – Step Four


Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.–Mary Lou Retton

Somehow along the way the subject of self care became synonymous with time spent alone and often that time was spent pampering yourself.

Self care is all about doing what YOU need to feel cared for – mind, body and soul.

What lights up one person may be another person’s worst nightmare.

If you hate being touched by other people you may never want to “indulge” in a massage and that is okay, no need to keep trying just because everyone else seems to enjoy it.

Think about what the intention is – relaxation, increase your energy, recharge your spirit, connect with nature, connect with others are just some of the ways to think about self care choices.

If it has been so long since you thought about your own needs you may need to do some serious exploring.

Have fun with it. Come up with a list of things that just sound good to you or get you excited. Start trying them and see what fits.

If you already do things for yourself, but feel something is lacking, take time to brainstorm and explore and come up with a few things to shake things up for yourself.

For example – is your partner a homebody but you like adventure? Maybe you could find some ways to get out there together or own your own (or with someone else) and get in touch with your daredevil side.

Start defining what you need for self care and let your mind and heart wander – and listen to what it is whispering.

Here are some ideas to spark your thinking.

Mind & Creativity:

  • Read up on a subject you have always been interested in
  • Use guided meditation and see what happens
  • Pick up a new magazine that calls to you from the newsstand
  • Take music lessons – no matter what your past experience, feedback in school or how old you are.


  • Meet up with a personal shopper at a favourite store to find a fabulous dress you love and makes you feel incredible (and then plan somewhere to wear it)
  • Sign up for a 5km with a friend and start training together
  • Blast the music and have a dance party at home – alone or with your loved ones
  • Take a nap or go to bed crazy early instead of talking yourself out of it yet again
  • Play – whatever will make you feel free, laugh, get your heart pumping


  • Connect with others – talk to a stranger or meet a neighbour
  • Create something with your hands – paint with your fingers, build something, smoosh some clay.
  • Be outdoors – stay in the moment and listen to the birds, feel the breeze, enjoy the colours of the flowers you see
  • Declutter your bedroom and make it into a space you feel good in and want to relax rather than stressed out.

For me, this year I finally took “yoga” off my vision board and have been attending classes regularly. My biggest block had always been about feeling nervous about my lack of balance and coordination.

Finding a class that was low key, a friendly group in a small setting (home studio that fits 15 people maximum) made all the difference.

What is one thing you have been longing to try?

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