How to Stay in the Energy of What You Want


For most of my life I’ve loved being in the dream energy. I see what’s possible, I love big pictures and I imagine those dreams as reality.

My personal journey has involved learning to navigate the current reality towards the dream. As I hold a bigger vision for my life and work, I find it’s easy to get caught in the reality of how it is and lose faith.   I have had to learn to really name the energy of fear, doubt and overwhelm and find ways to self empower instead of allowing myself to be consumed by them.

Over the years, like many people I know, I’ve lost some dreams. They’ve stayed figments of my imagination.

But more recently on this journey of entrepreneurship, I’ve learnt to root and stay in the energy of what I want. I’ve allowed myself permission to shine and be vulnerable.

I’ve stopped giving myself conditions around showing up and learnt to acknowledge my fears and doubts rather than be defined by them.

A wise man once said to me that my business would be my best teacher and it continues to be just that. There are many times when the light of my vision starts to fade as reality kicks in.

It’s easy in those moments to allow the voice of imposter syndrome to take my dreams and trash them because the fear of rejection suddenly feels like a real and present danger.

So what’s helping me hold the vision for my business even though there are times when I feel paralyzed by fear and doubt?

The answer has been surprising.

It’s community.

What I’ve found is that communities that are designed with the intention of holding space for wherever you are on your journey, whilst at the same time calling you forth to where you want to go are like stardust.

These communities give me the place to show up, share and be loved or kicked over my edges. They give me the chance to see into others vulnerabilities and in theirs see my own.

They’re the places that instead of everyone jumping into the stories and spiralling downward, some brave soul says, “I hear you and I see this too.” And in those moments I can recover from my small story and get back to the energy of what I want.

So if, like me, you sometimes struggle to stay on the path of making your dreams reality and are committed to changing this part of your story, I urge you to create and discover your community. Because there’s nothing more delicious than knowing you have a safe space to show up, be real and vulnerable and also called forth.


4 thoughts on “How to Stay in the Energy of What You Want

  1. I really liked your post. It is really well written and inspirational. I have been in business a long time and am always working to keep myself in the path of positive energy. Today you did that for me. Thank You.

    1. Thank you Joanne, I really appreciate that and congratulations on being and staying in business a long time. I see too many heart centred businesses giving up and it’s great to hear success stories like yours. No doubt your consciousness to stay on the positive path is what contributes to your success.

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