How to Kick it Like Gotze (World Cup Tips for Creatives)


Soccer Art by The White Lime
Soccer Art by The White Lime

I couldn’t resist a cheeky football (soccer if you’re American!) post seeing as I’ve just watched the Germany vs. Argentina World Cup final.

Due to England’s rather hasty exit from the tournament, I decided to support Argentina. I could just as easily have chosen Germany, but with my salsera hat on I went with the Latin American team.

And of course I could have watched the game as an uninvolved bystander, but hey that’s not much fun. Choosing a team added that element of excitement that made for a richer emotional experience.

Whatever the outcome though, the eventual winners would get my applause. As it happens the game went into overtime per a penalty shoot-out. But Gotze scored a beauty to save the day for the German team, who were crowned the World Cup Champions.

Here are some insights that I took away that we can apply to our creative projects, whatever they may be:

  • ¬†Choose your strategy (make a game plan).
  • Stay in the game until it’s time to stop, or course correct (e.g. make a substitution or deal with an injury).
  • Make space for reflection and rejuvenation (half time).
  • Get back in the game (resume play).
  • Make the most of those magnified moments that cause a quantum leap in results (score a goal because it has been set up for you, even if it looks like a long shot).
  • Complete the project or not (win or lose).
  • Learn how to work with your inner world. As humans we get to choose the emotional meaning we place on events. While it may sometimes seem that way, no event comes with pre-determined emotional meaning, we get to choose (no biting of co-collaborators).
  • Celebrate the victories (did you see the size of the smile on Gotze’s face when he scored?).
  • Learn, and live to play another day (inner and outer game analysis).

Did I miss any? Do share any creative insights you’ve gleaned from watching the World Cup. I’d love to hear them.

Gut Gemacht Germany!

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